Russian Volume Lash Course

Russian Volume Lash Course


This course is the next step up from the individual lash course taking your lash game to the next level.

On this course you will learn:

  • How to create 2d-8d lashes
  • Application of the volume lashes
  • Removal of the lashes
  • Creating a fuller & fluffier look
  • Aftercare advice

Learn to Create Show-stopping Lashes with Our 1-day Russian Volume Lash Course!

The demand for Russian Eyelashes has sharply increased in recent years. Although made from the same fibres as classic lashes, Russian Lashes are much thinner in diameter, which makes it possible for multiple synthetic lashes to be applied to single natural lashes. When applied by a skilled beautician in a fan-like shape, Russian Lashes can create the very full, voluminous look that so many fashion-conscious clients seek.

If you would like to learn to replicate this much sought-after look for your clients, we are here for you. Here at Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy, we are offering  intensive 1-day Russian Eyelash Courses at all our academies across the UK. This course costs just £250 and covers all the knowledge and techniques you'll need to provide professional-quality Russian Lash treatments for your clients!

You must have completed the individual eyelash extensions course first before you can enrol on the Russian Volume Lash Course.

Why Book a Russian Eyelash Course with Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy?

This new popular course will teach you how to apply and maintain 2-8D lash extensions to create a fuller volume lash that looks softer, fluffier and multi-dimensional. Offering this treatment to your clients can earn you up to £80 per visit, making for a lucrative addition to your beauty repertoire.

Although qualifications are not a formal requirement for providing Russian Lash treatment, we would strongly recommend that you complete a relevant training course prior to offering this treatment. Completing our course will help ensure that you are able to provide the treatment safely, hygienically and to a high standard. Many public liability insurers also only provide cover to beauticians that have completed courses relevant to the treatments they offer. With our expert guidance, we're confident that you'll be able to deliver results that your clients will love!

The courses are delivered by our own experienced tutors at our various centres across the UK. We have academies in numerous major cities, including Birmingham and Newcastle. Please refer to this page for an exhaustive list of Our Locations.

What will I learn on the Russian Volume Lash Course?

Our Russian Eyelashes course expands on the concepts covered in the introductory Eyelash Extension course. On this course you will learn the following:

  • How to create 2-8D lashes.
  • How to safely apply and remove Russian Volume Lashes.
  • Techniques for creating a fuller & fluffier look.
  • How to provide aftercare for clients following Russian Volume Lash treatment.

If you have any questions regarding our Russian Volume Lash courses, or any of the courses that we offer, please send a text to 07546425511.

Additional information

Location and Dates

Bradford 11th February, Bradford 4th March, Bradford 26th April, Belfast 4th May, Bradford 10th May, Belfast 6th June, Bradford 6th August

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