Microblading Course

Microblading Course


BEST SELLER! Microblading Courses in the UK

Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy are pleased to offer professional Microblading Courses in the UK. Microblading is the way forward to create perfect, permanent brows by tattooing eyebrows using a hand tool. By successfully completing our Microblading Course, you will learn the skills necessary to offer professional, permanent brows in your area. With just 3-4 learners per class, you can ensure that you’ll receive the one-to-one attention from your tutor to master the craft of Microblading.

  • Microblading Course £1350
  • Includes Kit!
  • No Previous Experience Necessary
  • 2 Study Days & 2 Classroom Days

Microblading Course in the UK

Course Price Is Just £1350 including kit

For clients with fair or minimal eyebrow growth or for those who suffer from alopecia, having beautiful eyebrows that help to compliment the eyes and accentuate expressions can be an important part of one's image. Whereas in the past eyebrows may have been pencilled on, more recent techniques allow for a semi-permanent eyebrow design that is more akin to the natural brow design.

Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy are pleased to provide microblading courses in the UK across our number of academies. The course involves 2 days home study and 2 days in class. We have small microblading courses with 3/4 learners per class to ensure all students get one to one with their tutor.

Please Note: No previous experience is required to enrol on our microblading course.

Microblading is the way forward with creating those perfect permanent brows! Microblading is the manual method of tattooing brows using a hand tool. By completing our microblading course in the UK, you will learn how to perform professional microblading.

What Will I Learn During The Microblading Course?

  • Health & safety
  • Skin and hair structure
  • Contraindications
  • The colour theory
  • Working with different needles
  • Understanding different pigments
  • Hair strokes
  • Practicing on fake skin
  • Understanding the difference between microblading and nanoblading
  • Working on live clients
  • Aftercare and much more

What Does The Cost Of The Microblading Course Include?

The cost of our Microblading Courses in the UK covers full training over the course of 4 days, which includes 2 study days and 2 classroom days, with one-to-one tutor support. In addition to the actual training provided, the price of your course also includes a Microblading start kit which will provide 10-15 treatments. On completion of your Microblading Course, you can charge anything from £200 per treatment.

Basics Pro-Microblading Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Softap Pigment Light Brown - Hazelnut
  • 1 x Softap Pigment Medium Brown - Cappuccino
  • 1 x Softap Pigment Dark Brow - Café Ole
  • 1 x Softap Modifier Pigment - Amber
  • 1 x Softap Recover All
  • 1 x Softap Plotting Marker
  • 5 x UK Local Authority Approved Sterile Handtools
  • 1 x 12 Pin Curved Flexi Microblades (Pack 10)
  • 1 x 3D Practice Skin
  • 1 x Curved Brow Ruler
  • 1 x Vernier Brow Caliper (White)
  • 1 x Hairstroke Pencil (Black
  • 3 Pin Round Shading Pin (10 Pack)
  • U' 18 Pin Microblade

Do I Need Experience Before Booking A Microblading Course in the UK?

You do not need any previous experience to enrol on Microblading Courses in the UK with Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy. This means that if you're a current beauty therapist looking to learn a new skill, or if you're seeking a career change and consider yourself a self-starter, everyone is welcome to book and complete our Microblading Course.

Where Can I Complete A Microblading Course in the UK?

At Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy, we're pleased to offer a variety of nationwide beauty training courses in the UK, including our Microblading Course. We have training centres in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland located in many major cities. Course dates are updated regularly online. To find our full list of available training locations in the UK, please click here.

Additional information

Location and Date

Belfast 4th & 5th May, Luton 24th & 25th May, Bradford 26th & 27rth May, Birmingham 7th & 8th June, Luton 6th & 7th July, Birmingham 6th & 7th July, Bradford 6th & 7th July, Belfast 13th & 14th July, Belfast 20th & 21st July, Luton 7th & 8th September, Bradford 7th & 8th September, Birmingham 27th & 28th September

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