Hot Stone Massage Course

Hot Stone Massage Course



2 Day Hot Stone Massage Course

Over the past 10 years, Hot Stone Massage therapy has become one of the most popular in the massage sector. Enrol on our 2 Day Hot Stone Massage course in the UK and learn this amazing massage technique.



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Hot Stone Massage is a form of massage therapy that can be particularly effective in easing muscle tension, relieving pain, combating stress and anxiety. Over the past decade in particular, Hot Stone Massage has seen a surge in demand from those seeking to ease their muscle pains or simply to de-stress. However, this practice is thought to have originated in India around 5,000 years ago. It has also since been used by Native American, Hawaiian, Tibetan and Chinese practitioners. By offering Hot Stone Massage to your clients, you can significantly increase your earning potential. However, before offering this treatment, it is important that you have a clear understand of how to perform it safely, hygienically, and using the recommended best practices. There are certain safety considerations, which are essential, such as how to heat the stones before use. As such, you should complete formal training before offering this treatment. Here at Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy, we offer intensive 2-day Hot Stone Massage courses at our various training centres across the UK. You can book this course for just £250 and completing it will introduce you to the fundamental skills and concepts necessary to operate as a hot stone massage therapist.

Why Enrol on a Hot Stone Massage Course with Chic Beauty Academy?

The content of our course is tailored to ensure that the qualification you earn matches industry specifications. After completion, you'll be ready to utilise your skills you have learned, from your hot stone massage course in a spa or therapy clinic.

The courses are taught by our own skilled, knowledgeable tutors. We are proud to have helped many aspiring Hot Stone Massage therapists to reach a standard where they can offer this treatment professionally. Our hot stone massage courses are available at our various training centres across the UK. Why not book an upcoming course in your area?

Why choose to do a Hot Stone Massage Course?

Over the past 10 years this therapy has become one of the most popular in the massage sector. Many people would prefer this style of massage over others, so it's a good idea to be fully trained as a beauty therapist to provide a range of massage services so that you can service more clients.

Many clients choose Hot Stone Massage for pain relief, or due to its stress-busting and sleep-boosting benefits. Others will attest to its immunity-boosting properties. If you train as a Hot Stone Massage therapist, we're confident you'll see a positive difference in your income, in addition to providing life-affirming results for your patients!

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Hot Stone Massage Course?

Training in Hot Stone Massage with Chic Aesthetics & Beauty Academy can be completed in just two days. Our intensive courses cover the fundamentals of the discipline and will help you improve your skills to a standard where you can practice professionally.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can enrol on one of our Hot Stone Massage training courses for a one-time just £250. Many of our students would agree, this represents excellent value for money when you consider the boost in earning potential gained from training as a Hot Stone therapist.

Will I Need to Provide My Own Model?

Yes, for the purposes of the course, you will need to provide your own model, so that you can demonstrate treatments.

Any Questions? Don't Hesitate to Get in Touch!

If you have any further questions concerning our Hot Stone Massage courses, you can reach us by sending a text to 07546425511. We look forward to hearing from you.

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