LED Facial Light Therapy


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1/2 Day

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LED light therapy is a new, non-invasive treatment that utilises the power of light to renew, repair and heal the skin without invasive procedures or recovery time. The natural process of bio-stimulation helps to reverse or slow the sign of ageing, clear acne or other blemishes, help rosacea or psoriasis sufferers, reduce pigmentation, redness and inflammation, speed up the healing process and much more by utilising a range of different wavelengths of visible light. The skin absorbs the light and uses it as a source of energy to deliver anti-ageing and therapeutic benefits to human skin, both safely and effectively. LED light therapy is gentle but effective, and suitable for any age or skin type. It will heal and rejuvenate whilst not burning or irritating the skin. There are no risks, side effects or recovery time with this treatment.

Course content for LED training includes core knowledge, health and safety and data protection, hygiene and sterilisation, equipment maintenance and set-up, led light and spectrum of light, different colours of LED, effects of the different lights, combination treatments, suitable areas, treatment protocol, live demo and hands on practical.

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Bradford, Luton, Belfast, Newcastle, Birgminham


12 January, 14 January, 26 January, 30 January, 9 February, 10 February, 12 February, 2 March, 9 March, 24 March


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