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Would you like to offer your clients the sun-kissed look without them having to travel abroad or hit the sunbed? Now you can with our accredited Spray Tan course.

1/2 Day Spray Tan Course – £150

Our intensive spray tan course is ideal for anyone looking to pursue a career in beauty treatments or as an extra service for for existing beauty salons to offer as an extra service. The training course is designed to transform the absolute beginner into a professional in the application of spray tans.

There are several elements to our spray tanning course as there is a lot more to it than filling a bottle with solution and spraying it onto a client’s skin.

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What is spray tanning?
Spray tanning is an application of a sunless solution using active chemical dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA. DHA is found in all spray tan solutions, lotions and sun creams. The glycerin-derived chemical interacts with amino acids of dead skin cells to produce the darker pigmentation that we associate with sun tans. As dead skin cells are constantly shed, the tan becomes lighter over time before a repeat tan is needed should the client wish to maintain their tanned visage.

How is spray tan applied?
The spray tan solution is applied to the skin using a spray gun which produces a mist, giving your skin an even-looking “sun tan” almost instantly.

Spray tanning is a safer method of tanning your skin over sunbeds and sunbathing as the UV rays can be harmful to your skin. It is also a much preferred method over shop-bought, self-applicating tanning lotions and wipes which can often result in streakiness and a mahogany appearance if the applicator is inexperienced. A spray tan, on the other hand, will give a consistent, overall tan that will look more akin to the tan produced by a spell in the sun which is why more and more customers are opting for a spray tan.

Our 1 day accredited spray tanning course will allow you to get your foot in the door of this increasingly popular beauty treatment service and requires no previous knowledge or experience. So why not enrol and add an extra service for your beauty salon or clinic.

Why do clients prefer spray tanning?
Since the rise of modern day testing, medical awareness and beauty technology, it’s becoming more and more apparent that women and men are preferring to achieve their desired tanned complexion using spray tanning services instead of using sunbeds due to the harsh effects to their skin and health risks they can cause.

Clients will choose to have a spray tan on the basis of convenience and trust. A beautician who can perfect a flawless, natural-looking tan on the client will find their services high in demand with repeat customers. Although Spray Tanning is no longer a secret, some clients still prefer to keep it a beauty secret. In order to deliver a convincing spray tan, kickstart your training today with Chic Beauty Academy.

How can spray tanning benefit me or my business?
For a business and your clients, Spray tanning is a cost effective treatment to offer which often results in repeat custom should the tan be applied correctly. The returns of offering spray tans are fantastic – you can charge as little as £10 and up to £25 a treatment.

Where are spray tan courses held?
Chic Beauty hold spray tan courses across the UK and Northern Ireland including Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Belfast and Bedford. To view all the locations of our beauty schools, visit our Location page.

How do I sign up?

You can enrol on our Spray Tan course by calling 01234 211324 between the hours of 9am-6pm. Alternatively, scroll below or visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page where you will find a contact form to submit your interest in enrolling in the course at the Chic Beauty Academy nearest to you.

Whatever your age or background this could be the beginning of a great new career in an industry that is never going to go out of fashion.

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What will I learn on the Spray Tan Course?

  • Understanding the benefits of spray tans which you can use in your marketing
  • Understanding of contra-indications & contra-actions
  • Consult with client
  • Prepare and plan for the treatment
  • Explanation of products
  • How to do patch testing and why they are so important
  • Application and maintenance of spray tanning
  • The Art of Spray Tan Troubleshooting
  • Aftercare advice
  • the current Health and Safety laws
  • An legal explanation of the Data Protection Act
  • How to purvey professionalism and understanding the code of ethics
  • Full training in both hygiene and methods of sterilisation

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