Hair Extensions


Enrol on our 1 day Micro Ring Hair Extensions Course. Learn how to fit, remove and maintain micro ring hair extensions and  about the types of hair and blending methods used when fitting extensions.

All tools are provided.



1 Day Micro Ring Hair Extensions Course

Hair extensions are a form of lengthening the hair, giving finer hair a thicker, fuller, more volumised look. Hair extensions are a semi-permanent method of lengthening hair and the results can last 4-6 months depending on which method is used and how well they’re maintained. The results also depend on the type of hair used.

At Chic Beauty Academy we recommend using AAA+ indian remy hair. If low quality hair is used the results won’t last as long and the hair will get damaged over time.

At Chic Beauty Academy, we are offering a 1 day Micro Ring Hair Extensions Course. Micro Rings is the least damaging hair extensions method for the hair. You don’t use glue, heat or any form of metal on the hair. We use silicone micro rings and clamp them to the hair.

What makes Chic Beauty Academy different to other companies is we don’t have you working on a model head. Instead, we have you working on each other on the course so you get the feel of working with real hair which makes all the difference.

On our course we provide all tools needed to carry out the procedure – which you then take away with you.

Course Content

  • Our course is accredited by ABT
  • Health & Safety
  • Laws & Legislation
  • Client Consultation
  • Contra-indications
  • Contra-actions
  • Hair Structure / Hair Types
  • Different kinds of hair extensions
  • Fitting the extensions
  • Removal of extensions
  • Maintenance of extensions
  • Blending of extensions
  • Aftercare


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