Anatomy & Physiology Course

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Chic Beauty Academy is proud to be able to offer Anatomy & Physiology Course throughout the UK. The course will allow you to develop comprehension of the structure and function of the human body.

There are no pre-requirements to complete this course.

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Chic Beauty Academy’s Anatomy & Physiology Course has been designed for those who work in the beauty industry and require a fundamental understanding of anatomy. This is also an ideal course for anyone with an interest in how the body works.

The course will allow you to gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology. Professionals working within beauty therapy will gain essential knowledge on successful completion of this course. The course has also been designed for those who want to complete advanced courses including those within Aesthetics which require a certificate within anatomy and physiology. It is also ideal for those who may have completed practical training courses covering treatment skills within beauty therapy but where their training did not cover deeper theory aspects relating to Anatomy & Physiology.

The Anatomy & Physiology Course is also ideal for those interested in learning about the systems of the body for personal interest or professionals already working within beauty who wish to further develop their specialist knowledge within these theoretical areas such as beauty therapists or teaching professionals.

Chic Beauty Academy has dedicated training centres across the country, situated in most major cities including Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, Belfast and Manchester.

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