Eyelash Courses for Beauticians

With the demand and not to forget pressure that hangs over a women’s beauty routine to look good, as an Academy we are training more and more new and experienced professionals to cope with the demand of supplying beauty services. In time gone by, we may have heard stories of women powdering their nose, pinching their cheeks and sleeping in rollers. Nowadays, this routine is even more complexed with many women routinely in rollers. However, the difference being, instead of a women’s beauty schedule about applying the best flawless make-up, the modern day routine is all about preparation for maintaining young beauty as natural as possible. As we enter a super plastic fantastic age of you name it, we do it weekly if not daily superficial look, we believe the modern women still wants an image that is changeable with how she feels and low maintenance in a busy lifestyle. Beauty services are beginning to cater for women with the beauty needs she wants and that embraces her look as it changes.

Glamorous Eyes

This week we have been looking at ‘what’s hot’ in the beauty industry, delving into the real perks of having a good beauty routine.  So we begin with asking, what are women spending more time on in their beauty routine? And so the jury’s out; we are looking at eyelashes & extensions.

We have clients every week walk through our academy learning the arts of beautiful eyelash application. We offer eyelash courses for as little as £100. There are a few factors that determine how women decide what they like to do with their eyelashes. It has no doubt become a necessary fashion accessory not just for special occasions. They not only look natural but there are also different styles and trends suitable for day or evening wear. So throw away your mascaras girls.

Tara who is runs her own mobile beauty services, Farnham Eyelashes offers a piece of valuable information about how you can make mobile beauty a successful business.

“One tip i have learned along the way since leaning how to do better in business is get to know your customers. The great thing is your customers will love to talk. This is a great induction to building loyalty& look to offer eyelash services to people she knows.  This has gained me more business”

Courses for Beginners & Refreshers

Eyelashes are definitely the one routine that can make you feel well groomed when visiting a professional beautician. You can learn all the best advice, techniques and skills and gain your accredited qualification at our Chic Beauty Academy. We have industry teacher trainers ready to help you move up your career ladder today.  All courses are accredited and you may be entitled to funding. Further details can be found about your options for courses. As a Beauty Academy we accommodate courses for anyone wishing to begin a career in the beauty, refresh their skills or extend their portfolio of services.

For more information on eyelash extension courses contact us today.

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